A differnt kind of adventure

"You know how you secretly worry that this is it, that it’s all downhill from here? I know you do. The children will turn into hulking criminals; their scalps will turn odorless; life will just generally suck. You lie in bed now during a thunderstorm, two sleeping, moonlight faces pressed against you, fragrant scalps intoxicating you, the rain on the roof like hoof beats, heartbeats—and the calamity of raising young children falls away because this is all you ever wanted. You boo-hoo noiselessly into the kids’ hair, because life is so beautiful, and you don’t want it to change. Enjoy it, do. But let me tell you—you won’t believe it, but let me—you will watch them sleeping still and always: the illuminated down of their cheeks, their dark puffs of lips and dear, dark wedges of eyelashes, and you will feel exactly the way you feel now. Only better."

-Excerpt from Catherine Newman's Catastrophic Happiness

If you haven't read her work, please do, it is beautifully happy and I relish in the way that she is able to describe the chaos of parenting with such simple & honest joy.


This is Winslow and his beautiful mother. This is the park they used to escape on cool afternoons when he was small. This is the home he was born in, and the neighborhood where he spent his first two+ years.  A move out of state brought him away before he was old enough to really remember it and so they invited me along when they came into town to revisit.  I truly enjoyed documenting their journey back to these places so important to them and they showed me the love and bond that mother and her son share, beyond the baby years.  Beyond the toddler years.  And it filled my heart with such happiness to know that it continues and does not go away like a phase.  The love and affection sticks around, though life.